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The Seasonal Holidays close, and now time to finish the Elfin Letters.

There are three parts, the miners, shoppekeepers, and the magic.

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Happily, Rhyonna is fluttering around because Spring has sprung where she lives, and Dandelion has spread and spreading. Rhyonna follows to see where another seed will grow while her writer is working on the Kindle version for her story.

On one streaming Rhyonna was asked, “When did you meet your writer?”

“When I fluttered at the creek, awhile back from now. A most adventuresome youth would come and play in the water catching frogs, minnows, and chasing butterflies. I would follow her around. I let her know I was close by with flashes of light here and there and faint bells sounds. This girl had an imagination and soon we were flying around on adventures. I became her faery then, as even now, though she is old in her time. Bobbie still has her child like imagination, so I stay with her.”

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While Rhyonna flies and streams on twitter, Facebook, google+, Goodreads, having fun, then landing in this e-book store or that e-book store; her now publicist, once writer, once publisher, is busily signing Rhyonna up for her many events.

Leave a comment about Rhyonna’s story. Or, ask Rhyonna a question about flying she is a flying expert and loves to give advice.

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Here is the cover upload to

The POD is out on CreateSpace and Amazon, next the Kindle.

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Rhyonna must save her realm.


Rhyonna is a bit worried about her story as she flies around for more adventure –> wait until the marketing starts.

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