Drawn LINE!

Come on the journey with line. Each day we will study line and then draw lines in a simple sketchbook; as I did for an Art Drawing Project. This how-to-study will help see drawn lines that are around us. 

Get your pen, pencil, crayons, pastels chalk, and your sketchbook. If you do not have a sketchbook, we will make one. The paper can be large or small. Tomorrow we make the book, or, if you prefer a piece of paper, or a post-it pad, or use any pad for simple sketches. Remember the larger the size of paper, the more time spent on making pencil drawings unless you use a large brush and ink, or paints.

When done with our study, you will have many works of ART!

Assignment: Draw 20 different lines (scribbles) we use and see daily. As you know, WORDS are lines.

Remember, mistakes are gifts to the artist, a way to stretch the mind to generate and motivate inspiration.

LINE is basic. Continue with DRAWN LINES.


We are ready to draw!