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Book orders starting July 2021.

IngramSpark Hardcover ISBN–> 987-1-943-2070-08-5 and Paperback ISBN –> 987-1-943-2070-05-4 at

Smashword ePub ISBN –> 987-1-943-2070-06-1

Amazon Paperback ISBN–> 987-1-943-2070-05-4 and Kindle 987-1-943-2070-07-8

Analogize narratives … who tells the stories, the voices used, why this story told, and how the words catch you. Folktales, fables, legends, fairy tales, and myths shape what you believe about yourself. When hearing, viewing, or reading anything, question the premises, motives, morals, and who speaks. Stories validate social norms, good or bad.


The STORY Realm, for folktales from around the world.

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