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Have a merry good time reading Rhyonna's story.
Have a merry good time reading Rhyonna’s story

CreateSpace ebookstore has Rhyonna’s Fright as an POD, print on demand, published on New Years Day 2014. This book has mistakes, let’s say it’s a proof, to be corrected end of October 2015. Spelling is my curse, which I work on daily wording stories.

As from a quote at the end of an animated faerytale (I forget the title) —> “It’s not the power of the curse it’s the power you give to the curse” —>  So here I am, ‘to do or not to do’. I mean let this story stay on CreateSpace or delete all my work because of the lack spelling and proofing skills or to redo the whole process taking weeks of uploading and filling our forms. “I redid the editing.”

You need to know, words are my fifth language:  first is visual, second is touch, third smell, fourth tasted then words, especially spelled words, which when written on paper never look like how they sound .You also should know or I like to say is my poet is ‘challenged’ –> once handicapped, once impaired, and once an idiot/dumb, and always to for a challenge for me. Now that cruse showing on my book pages. The miss-spelled words are mine, the author/writer. I own my fault, spell, and this includes magick spells.

The question is to ‘leave or not to leave’! I’m like Rhyonna, who shows the villagers her wings that have the soured yellow spot on her wing from the horrid fluff she just defeated. I thought by writing I would defeated my spelling curse. I guess spelling for me, to quote a title from a famous American classic is, ‘My badge of Courage’. So staying in the CreateSpace ebookstore will be Rhyonna’s story with the miss-spelled words, the red flashing badge saying look “Bobbie” did it. So I make spelling mistakes, and I will not let my inabilities to stop Rhyonna’s story from flying.  I hope you bought Rhyonna’s Fright anyway, the story is good and compelling –> healing.

While reading, please send me any mistakes you find . I will with gratitude and appreciation put the corrections into the next text upload.


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