Rhyonna’s Streaming

Rhyonna flutters among the butterflies, who drift here and there enjoying the company of others streaming in the warm day.

Rhyonna's Illus
Rhyonna watching and streaming.


Spring has sprung where Rhyonna lives, and the Dandelions have bloomed and are spreading seeds. Rhyonna follows the floating seeds to see where other flowers will grow, while her writer works on excerpts for the story to post on Bublish.com.

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“Rhyonna, when did you meet your writer?”

“When I fluttered at the creek, awhile back from now. A most adventuresome youth would come and play in the water catching frogs, minnows, and chasing butterflies. I followed her around. I let her know I was close by with flashes of light here and there and faint bells sounds. This girl had an imagination and soon we flew around on adventures. I became her faery then, as even now, though she is old in her time. Bobbie has her childlike imagination, so I stay with her.”


“Rhyonna, where do you stream?”

Rhyonna answers, “Daily, I relax on my rock in the middle of the meadow thinking about ‘what going public means’. My book Rhyonna’s Fright is on Amazon.com with my writer’s Amazon Author Page exists. My book is on Smashword.com; Barnes & Noble, Kobo Books, Apple Bookstore. Parts of my story are told on Wattpad.com.  And on Goodreads.com my author has an Author Page.


Rhyonna likes what her writer said about their story. “Okay, after two years got Rhyonna’s Fright up on Smashword.com launched on 11/20/2014.” That does not include the 25 years her author work on the story. Rhyonna admits, “I would not stay on the page or drawing board was too nervous about the story.”

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