ART FOR SALE!  All my life I’ve wanted to sell my art pieces. Now I have a chance to do this at the Feather River Camp Art Camp Boutique. I have four pieces in the show at a modest price. The pieces were painted at the art camp in Quincy, sponsored by the city of Oakland. The show is at Creative Framing and Gallery, 2700 Park Blvd., Oakland, CA 94606 from November 14, 2019 to January 18. 2020. I invite you to come and buy my art.

Here are the pieces:

Sketchbook Projects

Simple Pleasures

‘Simple Pleasures’ are in my garden. This tiny 2 by 3 book is touring Europe in 2019 and is in Paris.

The Tiny Sketchbook Project
Flowers in my garden.
The Tiny Sketchbook Project
Catch Those Flowers

My first sketchbook I IN LINE

This sketchbook, I IN LINE, is touring the USA.

I IN LINE is in San Francisco in September 2019:

I In LIne, come and see the many other sketchbooks, and of course mine.

Drawn LINE!

Come on the journey with line and the art language. We will study line around us and in art pieces then drawing line lessons on paper or in a sketchbook. This how-to-draw course will help understand the use of lines that are around us. 

Get your pencil and your sketchbook. If you do not have a sketchbook, we will make one. Or, if you prefer a piece of paper, post-it-pad, ipad, or use any medium for creating simple sketches. Remember the larger the size of paper, the more time spent on making the drawings unless you use a large brush with inks or paints.

When done with our study, you will have many works of ART!

Remember, mistakes are gifts to the artist, a way to stretch your mind to generate and motivate you inspiration.

LINE is basic.

Are you ready to draw?  Sign up and start:

The artist is the lines drawn, the words written, and the story told.

The sun shines on the growing flowers.

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